Centre for Training & Development (CTD)


Producing world class engineers by imparting quality education has been a priority for 皇冠体育 & Technology. However, these Engineers operate in ‘human organizations’ requiring effective communication, appropriate behaviour, good interpersonal skills, problem solving & decision making skills and an understanding of global work environment. It was against this background that management realized that one of the thrust areas should be to nurture a vision to ‘transform students into employable, future ready, global resources’ and conceptualized the need for an initiative to train students with respect to the above mentioned skills, collectively branded as ‘Smart Skills’. Such an initiative would serve a dual purpose:

  • 确保更好的展示位置(更多的学生放在高辛烷值组织)
  • 确保在行业中更好的“适应”(通过让学生行业和社会准备好)


‘Centre for Training & Development (CTD)’ was thus set up in May 2015 under the aegis of Honorable Director, Professor. Prakash Gopalan, and Officer on Special Duty, Mr. Chiranjiv Singh. The Centre has been entrusted with the responsibility of facilitating students to ‘transition from campus to workplace’, and is operationally represented by Mr. Sanmeet Sidhu, Head-Training.